We keep several in stock to take on a free one week (very flexible) trial or purchase. 
To order one in your favorite custom colors, will take approximately 8 weeks.
We also stock saddle pads and accessories, please call for availability.

Please call to discuss all the various options and see what we have available. 

Saddles weigh 10lbs. Panels on the medium are 21.5" long and 23" on the large. Small seat = 16" english or 14.5"-15" western. Medium = 17" english or 15-16" western. Large is 18" english/16.5" - 17" western

These measurements are approximates and will vary with riders size and shape.

Standard Models $950-1000


The Ghost Quilty is a great choice for the rider that prefers a straighter leg and a light weight saddle. Fenders or english leathers can be added.  $950


The Ghost Roma is a long flap model with straighter thigh block and slightly straighter flap. English leathers can be added. $1000


The Ghost Quevis has a slightly shorter flap than the Quilty and a more angled thigh block. Fenders or english leathers can be added.  $950


The Ghost Veneto is a long flap with angled thigh blocks and a slightly more forward flap than the Roma. English leathers can be added.  $1000


The Puro has a minimalistic seat/flap design, giving the rider freedom for seat and leg position.  The girthing system for the Puro has been widened with a solid (not adjustable) triangular attachment; two straps attached wide to the GHOST base, narrowing to an  included ,angled strap protector. It has a low, virtually unnoticable profile under the rider's legs, which additionally improves stability and close contact. $900 or thigh blocks can be added for $925

Premium Models $1,100 - 1350


This western is beautifully made with tooling and lovely stitching on the seat. Can be made with a stainless steel horn, or no horn. Rigging can be ordered in english or western with more options available. Thigh blocks can be added as well! Horn is decorative, not for roping. Price is $1350


A classic baroque look with the same feel and performance as the Roma. Customize the leather and color options to match your style.  $1,100


A single flap GP model with incorporated blocks and a flap angle between the Italy and Lipica. Customize it in any leather color you wish! Priced at only $1100. 

Classic Models $1200


This classic general purpose saddle has a double flap of soft leather so you can still feel your horse, a forward flap for jumping, adjustable knee blocks under the flap and a hidden pommel for the classic look. $1,200


The Lipica is a dressage style saddle with large adjustable knee rolls which velcro to the sweat flap. Hidden pommel makes this an excellent choice for competition.  $1,200


The Flamenco is the newest in the Ghost Classic line. It features a double flap, hidden pommel and an adjustable knee roll. $1,200

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