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Oiled nubuck: Black, T. Moro, Marrone, Red-Brown, Cognac. This is leather that's been roughed to make nubuck, then oiled to make a softer, almost broken in feel which is also grippier than standard leather. It's the most popular material. NEW oiled nubuck colors just arrived! Left to right: Lamb, Paria, Black, Nude, Santa Clause (true red) Gebera, Argil, Chocolate, Coffee, Myrtle, Castle, Nocturne (which is much darker in person) Klein

oiled nubuck.jpg

Julia Leather- High quality vegetable tanned leather - can be slick, not grippy

600 Natural  -  604 Natural/Aged -  608 Dark Brown  - 609 Black

Inside Coloring                                              Outside Coloring                                    

Julia outside.jpg

Synthetic Materials

Lorica - soft and durable, extra cushy for seats                                                                                                        

newest Lorica.jpg

Micropell - very hardy, perfect for hard use areas like flaps. Not all colors are available. Typically black, brown, bright blue and red. The others cost extra since there is a minimum quantities.


Micronappa is thinner than micropell but thicker than Lorica, so a bit softer, grippier and it shows grain. A good option for flaps or seat, and of course vegans

Real sheepskin is also available now in four colors (white, natural, black. Gray no longer available). You can choose sheepskin for just the seat or the whole saddle but for long flap models you might consider a "wear" strip to avoid unexpected wear in high motion areas and also because not all sheepskins are big enough for the full flap.

sheepskin colors.jpg
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