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Trial Policy

Very Flexible 7-Day Saddle Trial Policy

We want to be certain the saddle fits both you and your horse. Each used saddle comes with a 7 day trial period which is very flexible, when requested. If you purchase the saddle, it is considered a SALE not a trial and it NOT returnable. You must request a trial. All sales are considered final. IF YOU IGNORE THIS POLICY AND PURCHASE THE SADDLE YOU WILL BE REFUNDED THE FULL AMOUNT MINUS $100.


Our trial terms are binding and non-negotiable unless specifically otherwise discussed.  Buyers MUST follow the trial policy in order to be refunded should a saddle not work.  You will NOT receive a refund if shipping instructions and timelines below are not adhered to.


If you are interested in a saddle trail, call us and we will obtain your name and address. We will then put an authorization for the full saddle amount on your card. This is a temporary hold that affects your available credit while you are trying the saddle, but does not affect your actual balance unless the sale is finalized. We process shipping as a separate transaction, not as an authorization but a charge that is final.


From the day of receipt you have seven days to ride in the used saddle (additional time may be granted for weather, schedules, etc). If you decide the saddle is not right for you and your horse, you may send the saddle back to us within those seven days in the same condition as it was received. If you decide to send it back you MUST CALL us to let us know you are returning the saddle. When you are trying one of our saddles, please wear breeches. Jeans put more wear than necessary on fine leather. Please wear short boots and no chaps or half chaps. Please do not apply any leather products (cleaners or conditioners) until you have decided to keep the saddle. Save the original shipping carton and original packing materials.  If you need to make a return, please be sure the box has remained sturdy enough for a second shipping, and pack the saddle exactly as it was when you received it. Use plenty of tape to secure the package. You must notify us before the end of your trial period if you plan to return the saddle. If we do not hear from you within the 7-day period a saddle is considered sold and your card will be charged for the full amount. All returns must be insured and shipped by either US Postal Service Priority Mail, FedEx Ground, or UPS Ground, and are the buyer's responsibility until I have them safely back in the original condition they left in. Upon receipt of the returned saddle,  cancellation of the hold on the funds will typically be initiated within 48 hours, but in special circumstances may take longer. The authorization hold on your credit card will simply be voided. Any damage to the saddle will result in a fine or refusal of return, depending on the extent, at the discretion of The Galloping Grape. Examples of damage include but are not limited to scratches, stains, dings, excessive wear, torn leather or a broken tree. As long as you are very careful you should have no problems. Keep trial saddles at home inside, and away from pets! Cat clawing is the number one damage done to saddles.




If you purchase the saddle, it is considered a SALE not a trial and it NOT returnable. You must request a trial. All sales are considered final. IF YOU IGNORE THIS POLICY AND PURCHASE THE SADDLE YOU WILL BE REFUNDED THE FULL AMOUNT MINUS $100.

Consigned Items - all sales will be considered final.  Consignment items are non refundable so we can pay the owner for your purchase. We value our customers and clientele and we strive to provide the best service possible - and that means paying our consignors as soon as possible.   We are happy to resell your item for you!


Store Items - We stand behind each item we sell.  If you are not satisfied, you may return your purchase within 5 days, in new, unused condition, and we will replace the item or we will issue a refund. If paid by check, you must wait 14 days for your refund.


Bits – Bits are non–refundable.


Receipts are required on all returns




25% Consignment fee of sale price to The Galloping Grape. There is a $25 cleaning fee for any saddle brought in dirty and a 10% addition to consignment fee on all other items. Checks are mailed to consignee every Monday. Saddles may be sent out on a 7 day trial and will be fully insured for this purpose. All trials are conducted with full credit authorizations. Consignees are advised that despite precautions it is likely that your saddle may accrue some wear from trials or general shop use.  We ask all customers to wrap stirrups, not ride in tall boots, chaps, jeans or full seat breeches. The Galloping Grape shall use all conventional safeguards in the handling and displaying of consigned goods but has no legal responsibility for items left on consignment. Consignee shall indemnify, release, defend, and hold harmless forever Galloping Grape, its officers, directors, employees, successors and assigns from any and all claims and liabilities arising from or connected to the consigned goods.



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