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Ghost Treeles saddle

Ghost treeless saddles are designed by Camillo Cavallin (originally designed Torsion treeless as well). These saddles are hand-made in Italy in a small shop. If you've tried every treed saddle out there and nothing works for your horse, it's likely that his shape changes dramatically around the shoulder and no rigid tree will ever be comfortable. Ghost saddles bring many of the comforts (like a narrow twist) and support (excellent weight distribution) of a treed saddle while remaining free to move with your horse through every portion of his stride.

These saddle are enjoyed by a wide spectrum of riders, from trail to endurance, from arena fun to dressage, from obstacle courses to fox hunting.

The billets can be adjusted forward or behind depending on where your horse's girth groove is and there are two stirrup positions. With great wither and spinal clearance, the Ghost saddle is also very lightweight and an excellent and beautiful custom made saddle for the price!


Free trials on every Ghost Treeless saddle.

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