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  • Kimberly Pinello

Grove Point Stables, Earleville MD

When you Camp at Grove Point you are at one with Nature. Campsites are Waterfront and extremely Private. High Lines and Corrals are welcome but they can also provide stall or a paddock (availability is limited)and must be booked in advance.

Guided Tours go out regularly or ride on your own. Photography is always complimentary! Ride the trails and Swim your horses! Fees are as follows:

*Each horse trailered onto the property $20

*Campsites are $75 per night PER GROUP, not per campsite

(upcharge for Very large groups)

*Stalls when available are $20 per night bedding included

*Paddock when available $50 per night

Corrals located at the campsite are available $20 night

You can bring your own corral or electric fence as well

Liz is the owner of the property and absolutely delightful! She will give you a guided tour of the extensive trails (over 4 hours of trails) and then you can head out on your own. Trails are open fields, woods and the beach. They are easy trails and not rocky.

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