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  • Kim PInello

Trail Review - C&O Canal, Brunswick MD

The C& O Canal is 184 miles long and you can ride at least 125 miles of it. We parked at the Brunswick MARC train station and rode to Harpers Ferry. It was a sunday so the MARC lot was empty with more than plenty of parking. The trails were wide, long and flat. Mostly bluestone, natural footing or light gravel. You can easily do this ride barefoot but we had boots on the front. Every so often you can take a small wooded trail to get down to the water. The water views were mesmerizing.... take a camera, lunch and get down the water trails as often as you can. We saw lots of kyakers and it was December. We ran into plenty of joggers, bikers, walkers etc so your horses must be used to the traffic. I imagine it gets very crowded there in the summer. Very very loud trains will pass you many times through the ride. Our horses handled it all just fine, but if your horse is skittish, you may want to get off and wait until the trains pass by. They are LOUD. We will continue to do this trail and try parking at various lots in order to see a wide variety of this beautiful place! The only reason I only have one photo is I was taking video all day with my new helmet cam. Ill upload video soon.

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