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Trail Review - Lake Anna

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TRAIL REVIEW - LAKE ANNA: Entrance fee is $9 per trailer and $2 per horse. Trailer parking was ample along side the picnic area which also had port-a-jons.. The park has 11 trails totaling more than 15 miles. All are for hiking with 12 miles designated as shared, multiple-use trails for hiking, biking and horseback riding. They pass over easy to moderate terrain through mixed hardwood and pine forest with some lake views. The footing is sandy to slightly rocky and requires shoes or boots in some spots. The trails are well cared for, very clearly marked and you are encouraged to pick up a map at the entrance. There are two available spots to swim your horses, although I only saw one yesterday. It is a very nice and shady spot with a hitching post and picnic tables. I'm adding this to my list of favorite places to ride in VA!


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