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Trail Review Andy Guest State Park


TRAIL REVIEW: Shenandoah River Andy Guest State Park. Located in Bentonville, VA, just outside of Front Royal, about 50 minutes from Warrenton. Beautiful, well marked mountain switchbacks that gently take you back and forth across the mountain at an easy pace. The trails can be narrow in spots, some rocky, some dirt and sand. Once at the bottom of the mountain, there is a flat, grassy 2 mile stretch along the side of the river great for galloping/gaiting. Many areas along the river to stop for lunch. Splendid views and plenty of photo opportunities. One swimming spot if you chose to take your horse in the river and a few small bridge crossings too! The trails are clearly marked and they give you a map at the entrance. There are about 9 miles of trails if you just go from beginning to end, but if you follow some of the complete loops you can add a few more miles. The entrance fee is $8 and you must show a copy of your coggins so have it in your vehicle. The parking area is small, but can hold approximately 10 - 12 or so trailers if they are well parked. I highly recommend this ride!

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