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Trail Review - Blandy Experimental Farm, Arboretum


TRAIL REVIEW: Blandy's Experimental Farm, Boyce VA. The trails vary from wide open fields, meandering wooded trails, gentle rolling hills all in a park-like setting. Many many wide flat trails great for a few good gallops! The trails are all well maintained and clearly marked for horses. You will see walkers and bikers enjoying the trails with you. There are about 6 miles of trails but you can easily do a few loops multiple times to add miles. Very scenic. Approximately 50% of the trails are not shaded so it wouldn't be my choice for a hot day. Parking is more than ample, can take probably 20 trailer if parked properly, but its never that busy. Nice pavilion for a picnic and one Port-a-John. There are envelopes provided at the pavilion requesting a $5 fee to use the trails. Its well worth it.


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