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18.5" Jeffries Fly Over saddle on a medium wide tree. The Flyover saddle has a unique design that allows the rider to feel closer to the horse than ever before. Made by Jeffries in England with the help of Olympic 3-Day star Ian Stark, the Flyover's unique titanium tree helps the saddle weigh in at less than 8 lbs, lighter than any other cross-country saddle.It allows the horse absolute freedom of shoulder movement and seats the rider directly behind the withers so the rider's leg stays effortlessly in the pocket created by the horse's shoulder and barrel. By using a short style girth, all bulk is removed from under the rider's leg, allowing much better communication between horse and rider. 

The Flyover cleans up quickly and the leather will not dry out and crack. Whether you foxhunt, event or trail ride, you will find the Flyover to be a comfortable saddle that gives you plenty of security in the field and on the hills.

18.5" Jeffries Fly Over #28054

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